Monday, August 1, 2022, Shopping List

Join us from 4-7pm in the side parking lot of Chestnut Ridge Church (2223 Cheat Road) for the Cheat Lake Farmers Market! Also, out of a concern for shopper safety, please don’t drive your vehicles directly in front of the vendors’ tables. We will be putting some cones out tomorrow. If you need assistance, you can pull your car near the cones, or park and beep your horn, and someone will come over to assist you. Thanks for helping us out with this!

Sines Family Farm:
Honey pears .50 each
Honey $5 a lb jar
Spagetti Squash .75 a lb
Butternut Squash .75 a lb
Bags of fresh lettuce $3.00
Zucchini $1.00
Kale $1.25
Swiss chard $1.25
green onions $1.25
Yellow Squash $1.00
White squash $1.00
Hickory nuts $1.00 a qt
Hot peppers 2for25 or $1 a qt 
Cucumbers 50 cents each
Picking cucs 25 cents each
Sweet peppers 3 for a $1 or 50 cents each or $1.00 a quart
New potatoes $3 a qt
Blackberries $5 a pint or $9.00 a quart
Rhubarb $3 a lb
Herbs various types $1 each
Beets $2.50 a plate
Candy onions $1 each
Beans $2.00 a bag
Tomatoes various prices
Cherry Tomatoes $2.50 a  pint
white cucumber $1 each

Ringer Farms:
Farm-fresh eggs
ground beef
porterhouse steak
T-bone steak
ribeye steak
hoagie meat
stew meat
soup bones
liver, heart and tongue 

Dream Chasers Apiary:
raw honey
creamed honey

Riffle Farms:
ground bison
and a few other odds n ends

Sonia’s Best Ever:
Falafel sandwich
Spinach & feta phyllo
Stuffed grape leaves
Greek bread
Greek cookies
Rice pudding

Maryland Line Farm:
seasonal vegetables
maple syrup

Ornery Acres
Cherry tomatoes 
Sweet peppers 
Shishito peppers 

LOOP Organics
Sines Family Farm
Clear View Farm
Blind Cat Farm