Monday, July 4, 2022 Shopping List

We WILL be holding a market on Monday, July 4, 2022, although with fewer vendors than usual. The market will be held in the side parking lot of Chestnut Ridge Church, 2223 Cheat Road, beginning at 4pm. Our vendors plan to offer the following:

Ringer Farms:
Farm-fresh eggs
ground beef
filet mignon
porterhouse steak
T-bone steak
ribeye steak
sirloin steak
chuck roast
hoagie meat
stew meat
soup bones

We will have to leave the market around 5:30pm.

Sines Family Farm:
Bags of fresh lettuce $3.00
Zucchini $1.00
Honey $5 a 1 lb jar
Maple syrup $6 a jar
Kale $1.25
Swiss chard $1.25
green onions $1.25
Yellow Squash $1.00
White squash $1.00
Hickory nuts $1.00 a qt
Hot peppers 2for25 or $1 a qt
White cucumbers $1 each
Cucumbers 50 cents each
Picking cucs 3 for a $1
Sweet peppers 3 for a $1 or 50 cents each
New red potatoes $3 a qt