Cheat Lake Farmers Market Shopping List, Monday, Sept 21, 2020

Join us from 4-7pm in the side parking lot of Chestnut Ridge Church, where our vendors plan to offer the following:

Ringer Farms:
Beef – ground beef, chuck roasts, arm roasts, top round roasts, bottom round roasts, eye of round roasts, ribeye steaks, sirloin steaks, sirloin tip steaks, porterhouse steaks, T-bone steaks, cube steaks, filet mignon, short ribs, chuck neck bones, brisket and liver.  
Pork – breakfast sausage, pork chops, Boston butt roasts, and ham slices. 

Harmony Farm:
Micro greens

Sines Family Farm:
spaghetti squash   .75 a lb
Butternut squash  .75 a lb
Honey   $4 a lb
bags of lettuce
candy onions
yellow squash
green onions
hot peppers
sweet peppers
cherry tomatoes  $2 a pint
regular tomatoes
Green beans
okra      $2 a pint
Garlic bulbs
Hickory nuts

Maryland Line Farm:
salad mix
green beans
maple syrup

Clear View Farm:
Seasonal produce

Hilton Farms II

Bee Run Botanics

Blind Cat Farm

Dream Chasers Apiary:
Away this week