Cheat Lake Farmers Market Shopping List, Monday, September 2, 2019

We WILL be having a market on Labor Day, although some of our vendors may take the day off. The following vendors have confirmed that they will be at the market and plan to offer the following:

Sines Family Farm:

Green beans
Shiitake mushrooms
Pickling cucs
Bags of lettuce
Sweet peppers
Hot peppers
New Red potatoes
Spaghetti squash
Cherry tomatoes
Butternut squash
Sugar baby watermelons

Brian’s Tomatoes:

Homegrown tomatoes

Sonia’s Best Ever:

Spinach & feta phyllo
Stuffed grape leaves
Easter bread
Greek cookies
Rice pudding
Falafel sandwich

Ringer Farm:

Ground beef SALE

Hilton Farms II:

Chicken:  wings, boneless breasts, thighs, legs, leg/thigh quarters, breast wing quarters, whole chicken, whole chicken parted and vacuum sealed together.
Duck: Whole (2 left in stock)
Turkey: ground, wings (2 pks in stock), drumsticks (1 pk in stock) – whole
Beef:  Ground (very lean), premade patties, Filet mignon, Strip steak, Rib steak, Sirloin steak, Round steak, Short ribs, Stew meat, Chuck roast, and liver (beef heart available please request in advance)
Lamb: rack, ground, tbone
Pork: Bacon pieces, smoked jowls, Capicola Hot and Regular, Sausage (Hot Bulk, Sweet Links, Sweet Bulk, Sage Bulk, Maple Bulk links and patties, Breakfast Bulk and Links) Kielbasa, Ribs, Butts/shoulder roasts and Ham Steaks
Eggs: Chicken and duck.

Produce: Pears