Cheat Lake Farmers Market Shopping List, Monday, June 17, 2019

Join us today (Monday, June 17, 2019) from 4-7pm in the front parking lot of Chestnut Ridge Church for the Cheat Lake Farmers Market, where our vendors plan to offer the following products. (Note: The market will be held if it rains.)
Sines Family Farm:
Bags of lettuce
Black Raspberries
Green onions
Yellow squash
Swiss chard
Sugar snap peas
White cucumbers
A few pickling cucs
Sonia’s Best Ever:
Falafel Sandwich
Spinach & Feta Phyllo
Stuffed Grape Leaves
Easter Bread
Greek Cookies
Ringer Farms:
Sirloin steak
Sirloin tip steak
Top round steak
Bottom round steak
Eye of round steak
Chuck roast
Short ribs
and Ground beef
Dream Chasers Apiary:
Honey products
Brian’s Tomatoes:
Homegrown tomatoes
Hilton Farms II:
All meats are pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free from our farm which is majorly female owned and operated.
Chicken: Whole chicken,  whole chicken parted out in 1 bag,  1/4 chicken, Boneless breasts, wings, legs, thighs,
Duck: Whole
Beef:  Ground (very lean),  Filet mignon, Strip steak, Rib steak, Sirloin steak, Round steak, Short ribs, Stew meat, Chuck roast, Rump roast and Liver
Lamb: Roasts (pre-order any other cuts)
Pork: Bacon, Capicola, Sausage (Hot lins, Hot Bulk, Sweet Links, Sweet Bulk, Sage Bulk, Maple Bulk and Links, Breakfast Bulk and Links, Kielbasa, Ribs, Butts, Ham Steaks, Chops
Eggs: Chicken