Cheat Lake Farmers Market Shopping List, Monday, July 30, 2018

Our vendors plan to offer the following at today’s Cheat Lake Farmers Market, 4-7pm in the front parking lot of Chestnut Ridge Church:

Mountain Diamond Longhorns:

Beef and pork snack sticks, summer sausage and jerky.
Also, a fresh supply of grass fed lean ground beef, beef liver, bones for soup or dogs, and chuck roasts.
Pork cuts, including hot Italian sausage in bulk and in links, lightly flavored sage breakfast sausage and unseasoned.
2 packs of pork chops
Boneless country ribs and a few two packs of rib racks
Individual cured ham slices
Smoked ham hocks (great for seasoning beans)
Smoked pig ears and tails
Free range brown eggs
A few vine ripened tomatoes and cherry tomatoes
Maybe a few small jars of this year’s honey

Dorothy’s Blueberry Patch:

Blueberry Jam
Blueberry Jelly
Blueberry Jelly
Fresh cut flowers

Sines Family Farm:

Green beans
green onions
picking cucs
swiss chard
hot peppers
shiitake mushrooms
maple syrup
Spaghetti squash
sweet peppers
bags of lettuce
cherry tomatoes
regular tomatoes
Hilton Farm II:
Pork: Sausage (Hot Italian, Sage, Maple, Breakfast), Ground Pork, Pork Choos (Both regular and boneless), Sliced Ham, Capicola (Hot and Mild, and Bacon.
We are out of Chicken until August 13.
Brian’s Tomatoes:
Homegrown tomatoes.
Seedless cucumbers
Sonia’s Best Ever:
Same as last week