Cheat Lake Farmers Market Shopping List, June 5, 2017

Hello friends,
Please join us for the first Cheat Lake Farmers Market of 2017 on Monday, June 5, from 4-7pm in the parking lot of Chestnut Ridge Church (across from Ruby & Ketchy’s Restaurant).
Here’s the list of what folks plan to offer at this Monday’s market; We will have several additional vendors joining us in the coming weeks.
Sines Family Farm:
Bags of lettuce
Green onions
Map syrup
Aloe plants
Basil plants
Shittake mushrooms
A few zucchini
Some kale
Swiss chard
Clear View Farm:
Herb breads
Pepperoni rolls
Sourdough bread
Banana bread
Zucchini bread
Brian’s Tomatoes:
Haines Farming & Meat Processing may be at the market as well.
Also, some of our returning patrons may notice that Chipp’s Farm is not on the list; unfortunately, they won’t be able to sell at the market this year due to illness, but they hope to come to the market to see their friends and explain the situation. We will miss Sue and Chippy — they’ve sold at nearly every market day since the market began in 2009. Barbara Miller of Mountain Diamond Longhorns will also be unable to sell at the market regularly at this time.
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Thanks, and see you at the market,