Cheat Lake Farmers Market Shopping List – September 28, 2015

We hope to see you at the Cheat Lake Farmers Market on Monday, September 28, from 4-7pm in the parking lot of the Chestnut Ridge Church. Our vendors will offer the following:


Bernatowicz Farm:


Sweet corn


Chipps Farm:



green beans

brown eggs

September wonder apples

candy onions

new potatoes


Sines Farm:


zucchini  $.75 each

yellow squash $.75 each

white squash $.75 each

Spaghetti squash $.75 a lb

butternut squash $.75 a lb

sweet potatoes $.50 a lb

potatoes $2.00 a quart basket

hot peppers 2 for $.25 or $1.00 a pint

Sweet peppers $.50 each or 3 for $1.00

amaryllis bulbs $1.00 each

daffodil bulbs $.25 each

aloe plants $1.00 each

magic lady bulbs $1.00 each


Clear View Farm:


Herb breads

Sourdough bread

pepperoni rolls

pumpkin pies

apple pies




green beans


Mountain Diamond Longhorns:


  • brown eggs
  • all Texas Longhorn beef snack

sticks, beef jerky, and summer


  • while I am out of ground beef this week, I have a fair amount of Texas Longhorn roasts, stew meat, liver , heart, and  a few other frozen cuts
  • bags of soup bones for broth/ or for

dog bones

  • meaty soup bones
  • sunburst tomatoes and heirloom cherry tomato mixes
  • bunches of popular fresh herbs
  • walking onion sets and scallions
  • bloody butcher corn



Harmony Farm:


Fresh, seasonal produce




See you at the market!